About DeepFit®

HI! My name is Costa, the Owner & Founder of DeepFit – Underwater Fitness & Mental Training® concept.

Avid technical deep & wreck diver & instructor, in non-stop searching for progress and exploration, developing new methods for improving diver’s physical & mental training level and awareness.

Over 17 years as diver of which 13 years as Instructor, multi-certified by:

  • ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor #1159873
  • SDI/TDI/FRTI Instructor #15172
  • ANDI Instructor Trainer (Sport & Technical Diving) #170
  • DIRrebreather Instructor
  • Divers Alert Network Europe Instructor #187305

Interested in overall fitness level, running and bodybuilding, physical activities under extreme mental pressure, I reach the moment when I would love to share from my passion and knowledge of diving & fitness and help others to improve their physical & mental status.

Only customized training and coaching sessions!

In person or on-line!

The information presented to you here in this blog, as well as during our coaching & training sessions, will be in simple words, no fancy marketing or delusional engagements.

I will do my best to be impartial in all my presentations, as this is one of my guiding principles. There is nothing perfect or universal, the truth may be on both sides, we just need to analyze it from a central point of view, but with as much scientifically background database as possible.

Stay tuned & join me! Is going to be an exciting adventure and exploration ahead of us.

ps: some information or links presented or commented in this blog might not represent entirely the point of view of DeepFit® and we might agree totally or partially or why not, disagree with it. The responsibility of accuracy information presented in the outside links it belongs entirely to the owners of the written materials.